Tax planning for Start-up and High-Tech companies

תכנון מס לחברות סטארטאפ

Tax planning for Start-up and High-Tech companies

Counseling, accompaniment and tax planning for Startup companies, including options and Exits issues

Tax planning for startup companies: Our office specializes in tax planning for start-up companies, offering comprehensive support throughout the exit process. We have extensive experience in assisting one of the largest venture capital funds in Israel with their exits, as well as providing similar services for hi-tech and fintech companies, including raising capital and adding investors to the company. Our team is well-versed in the intricacies of these procedures and can provide expert guidance to ensure optimal outcomes for our clients.

Accompanying Startup companies and managing their tax matters

Our office provides comprehensive guidance and advice to startup companies, starting from the seed stage, on various tax issues that may arise throughout the company’s lifecycle. Tax consulting for startups is distinct from traditional industries, as it requires creative solutions tailored to the unique challenges faced by emerging ventures. Our support often helps startups raise capital and attract investors, while maximizing potential tax savings and increasing the overall value of the company.

The tax issues that startup companies deal with are diverse and varied.

In the field of capital raising, there are various tax issues to consider, as the taxation of a Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE) agreement is fundamentally different from the taxation of convertible loan agreements.

Accompanying Exits

Our office provides comprehensive support in guiding exits, including for leading venture capital funds in Israel. Our strategic tax planning enables significant tax savings for our clients. As part of the exit preparation process, our office conducts thorough tax due diligence to ensure compliance and identify potential tax issues. With our expertise in tax matters, we assist in optimizing tax outcomes for successful exits.

Employees Stock Options

Our office carefully examines and advises on the most relevant and beneficial route for our clients regarding employee stock options. There are separate tracks for service providers and employees, but with the right guidance from our office, even in situations where there are no formal working relationships, the options track can be applied under certain circumstances.

We provide expert opinions and tailored guidance to ensure our clients optimize their employee stock options for maximum benefits.

 Accompanying Investors and Angels

Accompanying and consulting regarding the application of the relevant benefits to Israeli and foreign investors investing in start-up companies.

Our office has experience in obtaining preliminary taxation decisions (rollings) in this area with the administration of the Tax Authority for venture capital funds and for private clients.

Our firm does not replace the investor’s lawyers, but rather advises the investor and his lawyers regarding the tax consequences of various options, while having an in-depth knowledge of the high-tech world.

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