Areas Of Expertise

We Provide Our Clients With Integrated Solutions - From Tax Planning And Strategy, Managing Tax Assessments And Arrangements With The Tax Authorities, Voluntary Disclosure, Transfer Prices And Other Solutions According To The Client's Needs.

תחומי התמחות - רפי ונמרוד

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Managing Tax Assessment Procedures

Handling tax assessments and arrangements with the tax authorities, obtaining taxation rulings.

International Taxation

Specializing in all international tax fields including relocation, tax structures, residency, trusts, international money transfers, and tax treaties.

Tax Planning

Reducing tax obligations related to M&A, offsetting losses, and leveraging the benefits offered by the Encouragement of Capital Investment Law.

Voluntary Disclosures

Settle unreported income, assets and capital to authorities, assistance in regulating funds abroad.

Encouragement Of Capital Investment Law

Assisting companies in applying to meet the law’s requirements, providing tax opinions or dealing with tax ruling.

Expert Opinions

Providing tax opinions for various scenarios including residency determination, income classification, tax liability in specific cases, and international tax matters.

Taxation Of Cryptocurrency

Advising & accompanying investors and companies involved in the crypto industry, including reaching tax arrangements with the Tax Authority.

Hi-Tech And Startup Taxation

Tax advice and guidance for hi-tech companies and startups, including employees stock options and business exits.

International Real Estate Taxation

Providing tax guidance for international real estate transactions, including purchasing, selling, and renting properties, to prevent double taxation.

Inheritance From Abroad

Managing inheritance from abroad to ensure proper tax planning and accordance with the law.

Transfer Prices (TP)

Experts in all types of transfer prices (Study, Benchmark) combined with international tax planning.

Hotline For Taxation Consultant, Lawyers And Accountants

Free initial consultation for professionals, with a tax expert (Attorney, CPA, tax advisor) from our firm.

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