Hot line for professionals – lawyers and accountants

קו חם למייצגים - עו"ד ורו"ח

Hot line for professionals – lawyers and accountants

Free initial consultation for professionals, with one of our tax experts (lawyer, certified public accountant, tax consultant).

Collaboration with the Institute of Tax Consultants in Israel

Our office serves as a consultant to members of the Institute of Tax Consultants in Israel. As part of the collaboration, members of the association are entitled to a free initial consultation with either a tax lawyer or a tax expert CPA to discuss complex issues in tax law. Additionally, our office frequently delivers lectures to the members of the Chamber of Tax Consultants and the Council of Tax Consultants on topics related to our firm’s areas of expertise.

Numerous tax consulting firms rely on our firm’s “Tax Shield” service, wherein an attorney or CPA expert in taxation visits their office once a year to review their key tax matters and provide an initial response, all at no cost. This service serves as a proactive measure to mitigate risks associated with tax issues.

Institute of Certified Public Accountants

As part of the ongoing activity of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants, our office provides lectures to members of the Institute on a variety of activity areas, especially in the field of international taxation.

Our firm conducts lectures for members of the CPAs in various areas of the firm’s activities, with a particular focus on international taxation.

Accountants are often viewed by their clients as professionals who should have a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the financial world at various levels. However, today’s reality imposes an impossible responsibility on accountants to be knowledgeable in a wide variety of subjects. In fact, a standard accounting firm that primarily deals with bookkeeping and auditing is exposed to numerous risks in the constantly changing field of taxation. Keeping up with regular updates in this dynamic field is often impractical for many accountants in Israel. That’s why we come into the picture as the “professional department” for many small and medium-sized accounting offices, specializing in tax matters and particularly in the field of international taxation.

Since the beginning of the year, there have been cases of accountants being arrested by investigating assessors at the Tax Authority for alleged involvement in tax evasion. The most recent incidents involved two accountants who were arrested and criminally charged, one in June 2021 and the other in August 2021. It’s worth noting that none of these accountants intentionally assisted in tax evasion, yet they still faced criminal proceedings, resulting in significant financial and reputational damage to their accounting office.

Considering these events, we invite accountants to apply for a free initial consultation with us. contact us.

Israeli Bar Association

Our firm specializes in tax law, offering unique expertise in this area. We frequently collaborate with law firms handling cases related to family law, labor law, civil law, commercial law, real estate law, and more, to provide them with a clear understanding of the tax implications of their clients’ activities. As part of our commitment to supporting our colleagues in the legal profession, we offer free initial advice for law firms and maintain a “Tax Shield” program. Through this program, a tax lawyer from our office visits the colleague’s law firm once a year, free of charge, to review files, identify potential tax issues, and provide recommendations on how to handle them.

Additionally, our office conducts webinars on tax considerations in legal proceedings and civil litigation, as requested by the Bar Association. For example, we recently conducted a webinar on tax considerations in legal proceedings and civil litigation September 2020, in collaboration with the Central District of the Bar Association.

A search on our website will yield additional pages related to tax considerations in various areas of law.

However, it’s important to note that the legal profession may involve unique tax issues specific to lawyers, such as considerations related to incorporation, changes in partnership composition, fund withdrawals, and more. It’s noteworthy that the first two indictments filed in relation to wallet companies were against lawyers, indicating the significance of tax-related matters in the legal field.

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