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Did you think taxes were boring? This year, our team handled the IPO in the crypto market, tax planning for a cashew factory in the Ivory Coast, the signing of the tax treaty between Israel and Albania, the establishment of a power plant in Nigeria, high-tech exits, the series of profits from oil wells in Kazakhstan, a gold mine in Ethiopia and the import of robotic machines for making smoothies from Malaysia. To tackle the most intriguing opportunities, we require the finest team in the market! Our work is characterized by its dynamic and diverse nature. We enjoy a lively and flexible environment, with constant music and an incredible team, fostering a positive atmosphere.

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We are excited to announce the expansion of our firm with the opening of Nimrod Yaron Albania‘. Our Albanian branch boasts a skilled local team, with expertise in law, business development, and other key areas. Visit our dedicated ‘Nimrod Yaron Albania‘ website to explore open positions, view potential candidates for local team recruitment, and discover unique business opportunities in the Balkan region!

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