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Expert Opinions

Tax opinions - Expert opinions in all areas of tax: residency, classification of income and tax liability in special cases, and international taxation.

Accountant’s opinion

Our accountants provide counsel in all areas of tax, including severance of residency, the law for encouraging capital investments, income classification, and pathways for employees. We examine possible avenues for the client and all of their possible tax savings. For some clients, it is relevant to apply the Capital Investment Encouragement Law. For clients who relocate, we examine the possibility of severing residency. For different clients who have received special income (e.g. compensation in legal proceedings) we will examine options to bypass tax. The opinions given by our firm are written by both accountants and lawyers in order for the client to obtain the full benefits and criminal immunity.

Advice for Returning Residents, Elderly Returning Residents, and New Immigrants

Our office provides counsel to new immigrants and returning residents regarding the exemptions they are entitled to and guides them on how to accurately report and file all income. It should be noted that the ten year exemption that new immigrants and returning residents are entitled to applies only to income originating abroad, therefore; sometimes an opinion is required regarding the source of income and whether the client meets the conditions of a long-term returning resident, etc. Some tax plans made by our firm are based on the rights of the immigrant/resident returning resident. For more information on counseling for returning residents and new immigrants visit this article.

Submitting an Expert Opinion to a Court

Our firm provides opinions to various parties in a legal proceeding including court testimony in a variety of different tax areas including international taxation, income classification, VAT, etc.

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