Nimrod Yaron & Co.

Israeli and international taxation

Addressing complex tax issues, especially on international taxation.


A boutique firm dealing with Israeli and international taxation

Nimrod Yaron & Co., Israeli & International Taxation, is one of Israel’s leading tax firms. Our team includes CPAs, attorneys, and economists, including former senior tax officials from the Israeli Tax Authority. In Israel and abroad, the firm advises leading private and public companies to global venture capital funds, high-tech companies, fintech companies, as well as representing individuals in all tax-related issues.

The experience of our team reaches from senior positions in the Israeli Tax Authority, law firms, and Big Four accounting firms guarantee our clients and their accountants an overall solution coupled with high availability and personal service. In addition, our professionals have lectured at the Institute of Certified Public Accountants, The Institute of Tax Consultants, The Tax Consultants Council, and various professional forums.


areas of expertise

Managing tax assessment procedures

Managing tax assessments and arrangements with the tax authorities, obtaining preliminary taxation rulings

International taxation

Consultation for all international tax issues, relocation, Tax Structures, residency, trusts, International Money Transfers, Tax Treaties

Taxation Of Cryptocurrency

Advising & accompanying investors and companies involved in the crypto industry, including reaching tax arrangements with the Tax Authority

Tax planning

Minimizing tax liability in a variety of proceedings, M&A, application of the Encouragement of capital investment law, offsetting losses

 Assisting companies in applying to meet the law’s requirements, providing tax opinions or dealing with tax ruling

Inheritance from Abroad

Comprehensive management of the process of realizing an inheritance from abroad, tax planning, linking to professionals in the various countries and more.

Hotline for taxation consultant, lawyers and accountants

Initial consultation at no cost to professionals, with a tax expert (Aattorney, CPA, tax advisor)  from our firm.

Preparation of tax opinions: residency, income classification and tax liability in special cases, international tax

Transfer prices (TP)

The transfer prices department in our office with years of experience in performing all types of transfer price work (Study, Benchmark), combining international tax planning

Hi-Tech and startup taxation

Tax advice and guidance for hi-tech companies and startups, including employees stock options and business exits

International Real estate taxation

Taxation advice on buying and selling overseas real estate

Voluntary disclosures

Reporting unreported Income, assets and capital to the tax authorities, assistance in regulation of funds abroad

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