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Nimrod Yaron & Co., Israeli & International Taxation, is one of Israel’s leading tax firms. Our team includes CPAs, attorneys, and economists, including former senior tax officials from the Israeli Tax Authority. Our firm advises and represents a wide variety of clients such as private and public companies, global venture capital firms, and ambitious individuals.

Our team’s expertise ranges from senior positions in the Israeli Tax Authority, law firms, and the Big Four accounting firms ensuring our clients and their accountants the optimal solution and experience. In addition, our professionals lecture at the Institute of Certified Public Accountants, The Institute of Tax Consultants, The Tax Consultants Council, and various professional forums in Israel and abroad.

Benjamin Franklin once said that in this world nothing is certain except death and taxes. We are trying to prove otherwise.


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13 News Mako - Taxation of prizes and lotteries | 03.12.22

CPA Nimrod Yaron, was interviewed about a foreign resident who claimed that he does not have to pay income tax in Israel for winning lotteries.

CPA Nimrod Yaron was interviewed by the New York Times about real estate in Israel.

The tax offenses allegedly committed by Moshe Hogge.

Areas Of Expertise

Managing Tax Assessment Procedures

Handling tax assessments and arrangements with the tax authorities, obtaining taxation rulings.

Voluntary Disclosures

Settle unreported income, assets and capital to authorities, assistance in regulating funds abroad.

Taxation Of Cryptocurrency

Advising & accompanying investors and companies involved in the crypto industry, including reaching tax arrangements with the Tax Authority.

International Taxation

Specializing in all international tax fields including relocation, tax structures, residency, trusts, international money transfers, and tax treaties.

Tax Planning

Reducing tax obligations related to M&A, offsetting losses, and leveraging the benefits offered by the Encouragement of Capital Investment Law.

Encouragement Of Capital Investment Law

Assisting companies in applying to meet the law’s requirements, providing tax opinions or dealing with tax ruling.

Expert Opinions

Providing tax opinions for various scenarios including residency determination, income classification, tax liability in specific cases, and international tax matters.

Hi-Tech And Startup Taxation

Tax advice and guidance for hi-tech companies and startups, including employees stock options and business exits.

International Real Estate Taxation

Providing tax guidance for international real estate transactions, including purchasing, selling, and renting properties, to prevent double taxation.

Inheritance From

Managing inheritance from abroad to ensure proper tax planning and accordance with the law.

Transfer Prices

Experts in all types of transfer prices (Study, Benchmark) combined with international tax planning.

Hotline For Taxation Consultant, Lawyers And Accountants

Free initial consultation for professionals, with a tax expert (Attorney, CPA, tax advisor) from our firm.

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Tax Treaties In Israel And Around The World

Tax treaties are agreements between two countries designed to prevent a resident of one state from double taxation. Meaning, paying tax in the country where he made income or profits, as well as the country where he resides. Tax treaties are generally formed to incentivize foreign investments, encourage international trade, and establish the legal policies regarding international tax laws.

Professional information on taxation

Articles, news and updates on taxes and international taxation:

מיסוי נאמנויות

Taxation of Trusts

Taxation and tax planning for trusts Trusts are a legal relationship created by an agreement whereby an asset owner (the settlor) transfers assets he

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חדר ישיבות צוות נמרוד ירון
Amit Shabtay
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As someone who is living in the UK, dealing with taxes in both Israel and the UK is very complex - especially when vesting, exercising and selling of stocks is involved. Nimrod, Moran and the team did an amazing job helping make sense in all of that. They are extremely professional, responsive and overall did a really great job.
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If you are looking for an international taxation accounting office, look no more—this is the golden team you want to work with. Their expertise and their smile is unmatched elsewhere. Thank you Michal for the warm welcome onboard, and of course big thanks to Nimrod for the pleasant, highly informative consultation.
Daniel Eisenberg
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Very professional and highly educated. Nimrod is not a regular CPA. He is an expert of finding solutions to problems where others would simply give up. He advocates for his clients with the tax authority to help them overcome issues and save them lots of money. Not enough good words to say about him.
Michael Gadassi
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מאוד מקצועי ובעל ידע רחב וניסיון לא רק בהיבט המקומי. נעזרתי בנמרוד בסוגיה במדינה זרה שאינה שכיחה לשוק הישראלי ונמרוד ידע לתת לי מענה מקצועי ולא פחות חשוב זה השירות הנעים והסבלני. ממליץ בחום.
David Gohberg
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A first-rate professional, knowledgeable in the field of tax both in theory and familiar with the tax authority inside out Helped me a lot in not simple taxation issues and also came to my aid in solving a problem that stemmed from a tax authority blunder, did everything with a smile and on the better side Without a doubt he goto guy Mine in everything to do with taxation
Ben Artzi
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If you are looking for an international taxation accounting office, look no more—this is the golden team you want to work with.